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Enrollment for #HuaweiStartupChallenge4 has wrapped up!

Are you prepared for a tech revolution towards a healthier planet?

Huawei Startup Challenge

The fourth edition of the Huawei Startup Challenge in collaboration with Startup Academy targets Polish startups dedicated to broadening the application and potential of green energy.

Visionaries amongst us conceive groundbreaking ideas and schemes daily, which, with adequate backing, could significantly influence the energy sector. Partnerships between the right entities pave the way for these concepts, thereby enhancing the welfare of current and future populations. This year’s contest will honor the most innovative solutions that facilitate and disseminate methods of green energy procurement and usage, as well as contribute to improving essential factors for energy efficiency.

The #HuaweiStartupChallenge was founded to foster the growth of Polish impact startups leveraging technology to innovate within renewable energy sources. This edition is dedicated to bolstering Polish green energy innovations

The jury, comprising eminent figures from academia, business, and public expertise, will select the top solutions based on contest entries.


The top three initiatives will be awarded grand prizes in April 2024!


100 000 PLN


60 000 PLN


40 000 PLN

Nomad Electric prize - Data Science Challenge

15 000 PLN


Nextbike prize - community competition

Annual access to Nextbike city bikes for the startup team


Who do we invite to participate?

We seek socially conscious startups at various developmental phases, focusing on green energy innovation. We call upon ambitious Polish innovators eager to make a global impact with their creative projects and seeking further opportunities for their ideas’ evolution. If you aim to change the world and are ready to deploy creative technological solutions for a more efficient energy resource utilization on Earth, this challenge is meant for you.

Join us in #HuaweiStartupChallenge4!

Competition objectives

What more do we aim to achieve?

The overarching aim of the Huawei Startup Challenge program is to spotlight the most inventive Polish startups and assist in their evolution into successful enterprises.


  1. Submission period

  2. Entry evaluation

  3. Jury convenes to choose 20 startups for participation

  4. Results announcement and challenge commencement

  5. Huawei Startup Challenge program duration

  6. Assembly of the jury - selection of the final ten startups



Do you have an innovative idea to revolutionize green energy production and usage? Engage in a series of challenges comprising tasks, expert opinions, and planned actions aimed at enhancing and popularizing your solution!

The premier challenge will feature 20 startups, as appraised by the competition’s jury.

The challenge!

Craft a concise 2-minute video that highlights your innovative solution, emphasizing the addressed issue and its environmental significance. The content should resonate as a societal campaign, raising awareness on the necessity of transitioning towards eco-friendly energy solutions.

The task!

Competing startups will produce 1-minute video pitches to be shared on the Huawei Startup Challenge website. The startup garnering the most votes will be awarded the so-called Wild Card, securing a spot in the HSC Final without jury evaluation!

Nomad Electric Challenge - Data Science!

Nomad Electric seeks data science-based solutions to enhance the renewable energy sector’s growth and efficiency. Focus on utilizing big data analysis, machine learning or AI to identify trends, optimize resource usage/forecast and manage the performance of renewable energy systems. Your solution should aim at increasing energy efficiency, reducing costs, and maximizing the renewable energy sector’s potential.

Competition Jury


The competition is organized by Huawei and Startup Academy.


Startups and small enterprises are today’s leading innovators and pioneers in the business world. An increasing number of startups are seeking comprehensive digital solutions for the development of their ideas and products. Huawei, as a provider of solutions in the realm of IT and communication infrastructure as well as smart devices, has been assisting startups to capitalize on the opportunities presented by digital transformation for many years.

Offering solutions across four key areas—telecommunications networks, IT, smart devices, and cloud services—Huawei endeavors to supply digital devices and solutions to individuals, businesses, and households alike, thus creating a fully connected, intelligent world.

At the same time, over 194,000 of Huawei employees are committed to developing innovative solutions for telecommunications operators, enterprises and consumers, which are utilized in more than 170 countries, thereby reaching a third of the world’s population. Founded in 1987, Huawei is wholly owned by its employees.


We assist large corporations in generating and implementing new solutions and fostering a culture of innovation. We support local governments in creating ecosystems where entrepreneurs can more easily conduct their business and we help startups build scalable business models and secure development funding.

We bridge large companies with startups, creating a platform for effective collaboration between them. We develop acceleration programs in which we aid organizations in producing innovative solutions, products, and services through cooperation with creative and flexible entrepreneurs.

Since November 2019 we have also been an Accredited Business Environment Institution with an Innovation Center profile, highlighting the quality of our work while meeting the high standards expected by certifying entities.

NOMAD ELECTRIC - Competition Partner

Nomad Electric leads in Poland’s Operations & Maintenance (O&M) of large-scale photovoltaic farms being a top provider of comprehensive “turnkey” construction services. The company operates in several European Union countries, managing technical service agreements for a portfolio of photovoltaic projects totaling over 1.4 GWp.

With more than 400 MWp in its EPC project portfolio, Nomad Electric manages PV power plants through a modern Monitoring Center and proprietary SCADA Nomad NX software, continually maximizing installations’ profitability through cutting-edge technologies such as electroluminescence imaging, drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras and machine learning algorithms.


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